The Story So Far

About Me

My name is Tamar Tulp. My journey is driven by a passion for enabling sustainable change, leading me through various roles and academic endeavors, and the creation of Tulip Synergy. 

With each step, I’ve aimed to merge my deep-seated interest in science with practical actions towards sustainability.


The Experiences That Shaped Me

My first step into the world of sustainability was as a sales manager at Vandebron, a green energy company. Here, my role was to inspire others to take responsibility for their environmental impact. My Master’s in Earth Sciences: environmental management further deepened my understanding and fueled my passion for applying scientific knowledge in practical, impactful ways.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

This drive for applied science propelled me into the TESLA minor, an interdisciplinary program that allowed me to explore solving wicked problems in complex systems. Collaborating in an interdisciplinary team, we aimed to make the municipal real estate portfolio more climate adaptive. This experience underscored the importance of a transdisciplinary approach to tackling today’s multifaceted challenges.


My PhD Journey

Currently, I am pursuing a PhD at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on biogeochemical cycles. This research involves tracing the pathways of ammonia from source to sink. For this, we use various measurements, modelling techniques, and cutting-edge techniques (e.g. automated flux chambers to measure the bidirectional exchange of ammonia between the atmosphere and the vegetation-soil interface). This endeavor not only enhances our understanding of environmental dynamics and impacts, but it also aligns with Tulip Synergy’s mission by providing a scientific basis for our consultancy services and technological solutions aimed at closing nitrogen loops and mitigating pollution.

Tulip Synergy

These experiences and ideas have led me to the creation of Tulip Synergy. It’s not just a business; it’s a mission. A mission to use interdisciplinary collaboration and technology to help enable circular sustainability. 


  • Cleaning Pollution Streams
  • Laboratory Analyses
  • Data Analyses
  • Research
  • Process optimalization and automation

Research papers

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